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Comprehensive Pediatric Therapy in Orlando, Florida

As a parent, you want the best for your child, but sometimes finding the best care can be an intimidating task. At Orlando Children’s Therapy, we offer a comprehensive selection of therapies under one roof, making it easy for you to find the right treatment for your child.

Our team provides outpatient pediatric therapies to children from birth to 21 years old affected by a wide range of diagnoses and developmental differences. We offer children’s evaluation and therapy at our center in Orlando, your home or community areas like your child’s daycare or school.

Children’s Therapy Services Available

We believe each child is unique and requires personalized treatment. We create custom treatment plans to meet your child’s specific needs with whichever therapies may help, including:

services offered at orlando childrens therapy

We use a play-based model for each of these services that allows your child to relax and receive therapy while enjoying high-energy, engaging activities. In many cases, they don’t even feel like they’re in therapy. We’ve found the best results come from working closely with family members, so our treatment programs include training and support for you and your family as well.

Since our pediatric therapy services in Orlando are in-house, we’re able to work as one unified team across disciplines with seamless communication. This makes it easy for us to coordinate your child’s care.

Dedicated Children’s Therapists

Orlando Children’s Therapy is one of the leading providers of kids’ custom comprehensive therapy plans in the area. Our staff comprises experienced, board-certified pediatric therapy specialists from various disciplines, including speech-language pathology, orthopedic therapy, physical therapy and applied behavior analysis.

We employ some of the best therapists who are committed to continuing their education about the most current approaches to pediatric therapy. Our team believes every child has potential, and we’re dedicated to helping them reach their goals.

About Orlando Children’s Therapy

Local parents trust Orlando Children’s Therapy to provide comprehensive therapy services that help their children thrive. We offer services to children from birth to young adulthood designed to address a wide range of illnesses, injuries and developmental differences.

We start with a custom evaluation of your child to determine their strengths and goals. Then, we build individualized treatment plans for each child based on these evaluations and track their progress so you can see how much they’ve learned. We can incorporate one or more therapy services depending on your child’s specific needs.

In everything we do, our goal is to help you and your child achieve the highest quality of life. Your child can develop valuable skills to help them interact with the world and prepare for greater independence.

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Orlando Children’s Therapy is your one-stop-shop for finding the right pediatric therapy services. We design custom treatment plans to ensure your child gets the therapy they need to thrive, including speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and ABA therapy.

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